1set EE42 6+6pins 8+8pins PC40 Ferrite Cores and bobbin 42mm

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We use the Polyethylene foamed sheet to protect the ferrite cores and bobbins, then use the air column, don't worry!
EE42 PC40 Ferrite Cores


core size(mm): (please check the 2nd picture)

A: 42.0±0.9
B: 21.1±0.4
C: 19.9±0.5 (EE4215 C: 14.9±0.5)
D: 12.0±0.3
E: 29.5(min)
F: 15.2±0.4

C1: 0.4 mm^-1
Le: 97.8mm
Ae: 242mm^2
Ve: 24698mm^3


each set =2 ferrite halves + 1 bobbin


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